CEO Juice only works with copier dealers running eAutomate!

CEO Juice is a team of Industry Specific people who have all spent considerable time in the copier Industry and using eAutomate. Yes you could hire your own eAuto expert, who also happened to be a data base administrator. Then send that person off to as many training classes as possible, have them attend lots of industry events to understand how other dealers do things, then have them build and validate your reports and eAuto data. Plus hope they don’t leave you.

Or you could hire the Juice team for a lot less per month and fire us if we’re not getting it done and we include our a.i. software. Because we work with the majority of copier dealers in N. America you won’t need to invent the wheel. Also we will discover issues at other clients and release a fix before you may even know about the issue.

The Juice team is virtual, we have no office, we don’t come on site, but we do connect to your eAutomate database remotely and answer questions for your team like we were there in your office. When you hire us you can call on us as much as you want there is no limit or extra charge, our monthly fee covers everything. Need a training session on how to use the AR console in eAuto? Want a training session every week? It’s included. Need SQL tuning on your server? We have that covered. Looking for advice on what CRMs are popular or auto marketing platforms or helpdesk support software, try us.

ECi is focused on making their software work for everyone, ask them how to set up a block of hours contract and they’ll say you can set it up any of these ways we support, our team will say most dealers would have set this contract up this way for these reasons.

We have experts in different areas so let us know what you want covered and some times that work and we will meet online on a screen sharing session.

CEO Juice does not have a sales team, all of our new business comes in as referrals. We break in to support and development with a couple of people wearing both hats. Gary and Mike are the founding partners, Deb manages support, AJ manages development. As of 2018 there are 18 of us, see who and our experience below;

Name Industry eAuto Development
SupportAmy Wickett2020
Ashley Poletti2725
Astrid Sloan2211
Deb Masters1818
Eric Gray1717
Gary Lavin3926
Jon Greene1313
Beth Klueser2620
Meghan Murray2121
Sharon Vincent1616
DevelopmentAJ Rios151515
John Crumpton241124
Keith Newman121219
Mike Kirkpatrick392639
Todd Matson121212
Alex Kirkpatrick333
Jeremy Dreyer331
Doug Letwin2010
Total Years Experience329269123

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