CEO Juice Provides Business and Artificial Intelligence
for over 85% of large Copier Dealers in North America.

CEO Juice provides Business and Artificial Intelligence for Copier Dealers, backed up by a team of industry experts. Our software and systems ensure your business is running as efficiently and smoothly as possible, while our team of experts can help with software and best practice questions. Systems that know when something goes wrong with the intelligence to take the correct steps to address the issue.

To ship or not to ship

When a customer asks for toner do you always ship what they ask for. How do you keep it a positive experience for the customer while ensuring their contract is still profitable.To Ship

In these uncertain times as we all hold our breath to see what happens with the Coronavirus it can be tough to stay focused. With most offices closed and everyone working from home people can get distracted and just listen to all the bad news daily. With no knowledge on when we can get back to normal the Juice team wonders if now might be a good time for some housekeeping, keeping employees productive while working from home.Review

Juice day at EUG 2020
February 2020
Juice day at EUG 2020

The eAutomate User Group meeting is Monday April 20th (details) and the Juice day is Thursday the 23rd. We start at 10AM to give the steering committees a chance to join.EUG logo

Three Simple Steps to Increased Profitability

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A.I. monitors your system 24/7 and reacts to problems

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The Juice team validates data to ensure you are confident in its accuracy

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Share and implement best practices

CEO Juice Solves Dealers’ Most Pressing Problems

  • Ensures customers are invoiced Á correctly paying on time
  • Contracts are set up and billing correctly
  • Alerts for lease-ends
  • Best practices for contract profitability
  • Plus many, many more!
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